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Special collection of Travelling to Hokkaido lodgings by bus 14 Recommended Autumn Leaf Spots
UPOPOY Hakodate Area Passport Mysterious and powerful area, Lake Akan
Sapporo: Food, Shopping
Clock Tower, Odori Park, Susukino
Hakodate: History, spa
Night view, Goryokaku, Motomachi
Tokachi: Food, Flowers, spa
Taisetsu mountains, Tokachi Plain
Shiretoko: Nature, sightseeing
Lake, Pleasure boat, photos, food
Noboribetsu/Lake Toya,Lake
Experience Kankoma ! Walking in Akan The Paths of Teshikaga

City walking in Sapporo, Otaru and Hakodate.

There are great walking hot spots recommended by locals on the maps!
We distribute maps for free at hotels in Sapporo, Hakodate and Asahikawa and tourist information centers.
 → Distributing Hotel List [Sapporo][Hakodate][Asahikawa]

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★Find restaurants with point and choose menus in foreign languages. → Sapporo Gourmet Best 100
(Check the menu and even make a reservation via the web.)


Walk in Hokkaido. The 20 main cities' new information.

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Through the photo to know Hokkaido SLR cameras' tour

This is Hokkaido's season look which view around Sapporo. From the daily pictures, we can know more about the Hokkaido.

From the Hokkaido's scenery set of Mr Yamamoto Katsuei, the photographer who living in Hokkaido.

空、水、大地、空気の北海道 自然生き生き

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Otaru Aquarium
Otaru Aquarium
Hokkaido Access Network
Hokkaido Ski Bus
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Uni Murakami Hakodate Main Restaurant
Uni Murakami
Uni Murakami Sapporo Branch Restaurant
Uni Murakami
Uni Murakami Hakodate ekimae restaurant
Uni Murakami
Hakodate ekimae
Hakodate Bus
Hakodate Bus
Optional tours of Hokkaido Chuo Bus
Sapporo Curb Market
Optional tours of Hokkaido Chuo Bus
Optional tours of
Hokkaido Chuo Bus
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