Otaru Aquarium

Address:3-303 Shukutsu, Otaru City,Hokkaido
TEL +81-134-33-1400

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●Winter Season Operating Hours
 10:00a.m.~4:00p.m.(2023/12/16 - 2024/2/25)
* Closed: 2024/2/26 - 2024/3/15
* Entry permitted until 30 minutes before closing time.

18 Kinds of Penguin in the World.13 Gentoo Penguins in Otaru.

1.Otaru Aquarium's Winter Penguins(Gentoo Penguin)

Gentoo Penguin

2. Otaru Aquarium's Penguin Walking

Penguin Walk

About the course

Three times a day, Gentoo penguins will be walking on the snow (or on the grass before the snow falls). Let them walk half free within the white lines.
A total of 13 Gentoo penguins will take part in the walk this year (subject to change depending on the condition of the animals).

Three times a day, Gentoo penguins will be walking on the snow (or on the grass before the snow falls).

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Flag and Penguin

Fun Dolphin Showtime as a Set

Dolphin Show(11:00a.m.~11:20a.m.)
Penguin Snow Walk(11:30a.m.~11:40a.m.)

Penguin Snow Walk(12:40p.m.~12:50p.m.)
Dolphin Show(1:00p.m.~1:20p.m.)

Penguin Snow Walk(2:40p.m.~2:50p.m.)
Dolphin Show(3:00p.m.~3:20p.m.)

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Penguin walk
Dolphin show

But First, Obey the Rules!

  1. 1.Do not touch them
  2. 2.Do not feed them
  3. 3.Do not disturb them with a loud voice
  4. 4.Do not hit them with snow
  5. 5.Do not run after them
  6. 6.Do not enter the penguin walking course

3. 10 Times the Fun, Penguin Spotting

Cheer them on by name! (Their names are on the labels attached to their wings.)
* Ages are displayed as of 2024.

4.Let's become penguin experts!~Go ahead and press a number.

How to spend Food So how do they sleep? How fast do they swim? Nest building Chick raising and growth Where are they from? Molting

Penguins spend there days free basically.

They swim, groom their wings with their beaks , eat, and sleep.

5.Information Regarding Operating Hours and Admission Fees

【Regarding Operating Hours】
Winter Season 2023/12/16 -2024/2/25
Normal Season  ①2024/3/16 - 2024/10/14
②2024/10/15 - 2024/11/24
【Admission Fees】
 Winter Season  2023/12/16 -2024/2/25
Adults: 1300 yen, Elementary and Middle School Students: 500 yen, Aged Over 3: 300 yen
 Normal Season   2023/3/18 - 2023/11/26
Adults: 1800 yen, Elementary and Middle School Students: 700 yen, Aged Over 3: 350 yen

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the web.

ou can enter without standing in line at the ticket booth on the day of your visit. Please present the QR code received by e-mail at the time of purchase at the entrance.
* Membership registration is required / Payment method: Credit card / Cancellation is not possible.

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