Notice: Suspension of all sightseeing bus tours

Period of suspension:Until further notice   Details

C Sapporo Winter One-Day Tour

Operation Period
Dec 1, 2019 - Mar 31, 2020
Dep. and Arr. Times
Start:9:05・End:19:35(10 hrs and 30 min)
Lunch Plan or No Meal Plan
Start:9:05・End:17:45(8hours and 40 min)

Light Lunch and Dinner Plan (2 meals)
Adult 17:45yen Child 6,400yen
Dinner Plan
Adult 8,200yen Child 5,650yen
Lunch Plan
Adult 6,600yen Child 3,900yen
No Meal Plan
Adult 5,700yen Child 3,100yen

※Lunch (2 meals, and lunch only course) Dinner ( 2 meal course, dinner only course), admission to Shiroi
※This course is offered in Japanese guidance only.
※2 meal course, and lunch only course tickets will not be sold between Feb 4 - 11.
※N/S between Dec 29 - Jan 3


Must see sights!

This tour takes you to the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido.


Departing from Sapporo Station, you will first visit Sapporo Wholesale Market, the kitchen of Hokkaido.
Upon arrival we will enjoy a fresh seafood breakfast at “Ofukuro Shokudo” which offers “Special Kaisendon” for those who take the tour which includes breakfast.
The outside market consists of 71 retail shops and restaurants thriving close together and sells fresh seafood and mountain products at special prices, which are purchased directly from Central Wholesale Market next door.
You will like the face-to-face sales and the energetic calling out from shop owners, enjoying the communication with them. After the visit to the Sapporo Wholesale Market, we will head toward Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium. Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium, situated in Miyanomori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo and owned by the city, is a 307-meter ski jump that sits on the east slope of Mt. Okura. Check out the bakken record (145.0 meters) with your own eyes. Following our visit here, we will go to Ramen Yokocho for lunch.
For lunch, you will have free time to dine in the Susukino area, but for those who have selected the lunch included tour, you will have Hokkaido famous, “Sapporo Ramen.” Choose a bowl of ramen worth up to ¥900 at one of the shops in Ramen Yokocho. (Those who have chosen the “’No lunch course”” can dine where they like.
Next we will visit “Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill” which is well known for the statue of “Dr. William S. Clark”. In winter, you can see Sapporo Dome and the streets of Sapporo beyond the vast snowfields. Enjoy the landscape of Sapporo from the hill when you visit Sapporo, or take a photo with Dr. Clark! You can also enjoy a foot bath.
Next stop is Mt. Moiwa to view beautiful Sapporo.
You will take a ropeway halfway up Mt. Moiwa and change to a cable car and head for the summit. Passengers can enjoy a “walk in the sky,” breathing in Hokkaido’s crisp fresh air for 70 seconds. Also, you can see the 360°panoramic view. The last stop is Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium, located in Miyanomori, central Sapporo. Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium, is owned by the city, and situated on the east slope of Mt. Okura. Take in the impressive view of the Bakken record of Mt. Okura Jump with your own eyes.
Finally, we head to Sapporo Beer Garden, the only restaurant where you can enjoy the freshest barbecued lamb. Enjoy the 70 min all-you-can-eat Mongolian barbecue(2 meal, and dinner only courses) and satisfy your appetite. You can’t miss this opportunity to enjoy three kinds of Hokkaido’s gourmet cuisine and visit to the popular sightseeing spots in Sapporo.

Sapporo Central Wholesale MarketSapporo Central Wholesale Market
Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium場Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium
Susukino Ramen YokochoSusukino Ramen Yokocho
Shiroi Koibito ParkShiroi Koibito Park

departures 9:05 Sapporo Bus Station Bus Terminal
   Former Hokkaido Government Office Building(View from bus. The building is undergoing renovation, and full view may not be visible.)
   Kita Ichi-jo Dori
   Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence
  9:35~10:15 ※①Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(tour and shopping / passengers who chose the course excluding breakfast have free time)【40min】
  10:30~11:30 ※②Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium (free time to explore) [60 min]
  12:00~12:50 ※③Susukino Ramen Yokocho (lunch)【50min】
  13:20~13:50 ※④Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill (tour) 【30min】
  14:20~15:30 ※⑤Mt. Moiwa Ropeway and Morris Car 【70 min】
  16:05~17:05 ※⑥Shiroi Koibito Park [60min]
  17:40 Sapporo Clock Tower
arrivals 17:45 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  18:00~19:15 ※⑦Sapporo Beer Garden (Dinner )【85min】
arrivals 19:30 Sapporo Clock Tower (disembarkation possible)
arrivals 19:35 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
※①Show the Regular Sightseeing bus ticket stub and get a 5% discount on items at listed stores and restaurants below.
(Excludes some products. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or discounts)
Iwamoto Store, Kanedai, Kitano Ryoba No.1, No. 2, No. 3 branches,
Kyoei Fisheries, Hokkaido’s Specialty Food Sales, Nagamine Fisheries, Nichikai No. 1, No. 2, No.3 branches, Nemuro Sugiyama Fisheries.
The guide will hand out 10% discount tickets for marine and agricultural products and crafts, and 5% discount tickets for snacks that can be used at the Kitano Ryoba No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 branches.
(Excludes Chuo Bus original menu, drinks and alcoholic beverages, shipping costs and cold cases.)
※②Show your bus ticket stub and receive a discount to the chair lift.
・ Chair-lift service is unavailable during the ski jump competitions (not fixed yet), but visitors can enter the ski jump stadium with extra ¥300, no charge for junior school children or under( tickets normally cost between ¥1,000 - ¥2,000.) In some cases the ski lift is not available due to other events being held.
※ Multilingual guidance (available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)as we sightsee from the bus.
③[Lunch and Dinner Course only] Choose one bowl of Ramen worth ¥900, from any of the shops inside Ramen Yokocho. Pay extra and choose anyone you like.
※12 stores, Kumakichi, Tenho, Tomiya, Kunimitsu, Shimijimi, Teshikaga, Ichinokura, Higuma, Karyu and Baisensha, Yoshino, Toriban usually open at 12:00.
(They sometimes are closed or change their schedule without notice)
※④The Hitsujigaoka Snowpark will be held during the winter season between Jan 10 and Mar 8 at Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill. (The park may close early depending on snow cover) Content[Free] Cross-country ski mini course (200 m, about 10 min), tube sliding, and mini snowman building (there may be a short wait if crowded).
※⑤After the ride on Mt. Moiwa ropeway, a cable car will take you to the summit.
When Mt. Moiwa ropeway is closed due to strong wind, you will receive a refund for fare there. ( you will need to sign for a receipt)
※Please note that the view from the summit may not be visible if the weather is bad.
※⑥Admission to Shiroi Koibito Park is included. The following park facilities can be toured.
●Chocotopia Factory (former chocolate factory 3F)
See the Shiroi Koibito Cookie process line, and the new baumkuchen process line, both of which can be observed on a large diorama full of humour.
●Chocotopia Market (former chocolate factory 4F)
The latest admission time to the factory courses is 17:00, so if the bus is delayed we may not be able to tour the facility.
※⑦Dinner will be all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ at Sapporo Biergarten (70 min). This includes a small draft beer (500 ml) or two rice balls with one soft drink.

Special Notes
※Please be reminded that there may be other passengers who take Sapporo Omakase Manpuku course as we drive the same route on the way.
  • Tour will be cancelled when there is no reservation by 18:00 the day before.
  • Tour may be cancelled due to weather conditions or expressway conditions. Tour may also be cancelled during operation due to similar conditions.
  • Duration of tour may change depending on traffic congestion or number of passengers. Buses may also be delayed, so please allow ample time for transfer to other means of transportation
  • Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to the closed days or limit on tours at each facility.
  • Buses may be delayed due to traffic congestion and adverse weather, so please allow ample time for transfer to other means of transportation.
  • Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please inquire about operation schedule during adverse weather.