1. Introducing the Sapporo Curb Markets

2. Let's visit this sacred place of Hokkaido cuisine! Popular with Return Customers

Marketplace meals- A gathering of ingredients from Hokkaido, the sacred place of cuisine

Excellent marine and farm products are gathered in the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market every day from every road.
Everything is chosen with eyes ascertaining professional quality and lined up at the curb market. The dishes using the ingredients are called market meals.

Red king crabRed king crab
Hair crabHair crab
Salmon roeSalmon roe
Sea urchinSea urchin
Snow crabSnow crab
Hanasaki crabHanasaki crab
Atka mackerelAtka mackerel

3. A Collection of About 60 Specialty Stores! Popular with Return Customers

Approximately 60 specialty stores of Hokkaido, the kingdom of food, are assembled in full force.

The curb market is approximately 60 stores to the left and right on the main street. It is a collection of specialty stores selling seasonal fresh marine products and excellent farm products gathered from the whole of Hokkaido.
In addition, there is an eating area which brings the market ingredients to life. This is a sacred place for the food of Hokkaido, kingdom of cuisine.

Business hours: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.(eateries open from 7 a.m.)/ free parking available

※ Business hours differ among businesses.

A: Sapporo Daiichi Wholesale Market

The block of fresh fish stores on the side of the Nijuyonken Tozai Line subway station that is on the north side of the main street of the curb market.
Keen-eyed professionals display Hokkaido fishery products received that day, and listen to the preferences of everyone.

1.Kita No Ryoba Branch No.3
All sorts of marine and farm products are prepared.
3.Kyoei Suisan
The 36 year veteran hand-makes products such as over night air-dried Okhotsk atka mackerel.
2.Kyoei Shijo Shokudo
Very popular! Dining area in-store! Ingredients cooked fresh on the spot including live shellfish, prawns, crab, sea urchin and more cook fresh ingredients on the spot.

B: Otaru Market

The Sapporo Central Wholesale Market purchases fresh fishery products every day from the Otaru wholesale market.
They handle opened and dried Atka mackerel, herring and other various handmade single night aired products, excellent farm products, and carefully selected meats.
The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.

4.Nikkai Branch No.2
The live crabs are specially distributed. That's why they're fresh!
5.Kawamura Shoten
Products such as salmon, crab, raw sea urchin, opened mackerel, and various over-night dried goods that will bring pleasure to your heart at the dining table.
6.Meat Omiya
They have raw lamb, miso flavored Mongolian-style BBQ meat (Jingisukan), salt flavored Jingisukan, and Naganuma Jingisukan.
7.Ishimura Shoten
Selling marine products such as open Atka mackerel, fish roe, crab, prawns at bargain prices.
8.Kamiguchi Suisan
They have an eye for fish better than anybody.
9.New Mart Mori
A shop of carefully selected high quality products of Hokkaido.

C: Sasson Market, Community Café (Free Rest Station)

They have excellent fresh Hokkaido marine products and excellent Hokkaido farm products.
There is a free rest station. Please feel free to use it. The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.

10.Ogura Shoten
They sell a lot of seasonal seafood.
11.Ooki Kinoshita Shoten
They handle various goods such as salted salmon roe, cod roe, red salmon.
12.Maruse Kinoshita Shoten
Food is the source of health. They put their hearts into offering fresh seafood.
This shop established business in 1970. They have products from fresh fish to an processed goods.
14.Nagamine Suisan
From fresh fishery products to excellent farm products of Hokkaido provided at fair prices.

Community Café (Free Rest Station)

Community Café (Free Rest Station)
When you get tired from walking around the market you can take a break at the free rest area. You can access free Wi-Fi.

D: Daihachi Market

Professionals who go to the market every morning can distinguish seasonal Hokkaido ingredients of high quality with their experienced eyes. Hair crabs jam-packed with meat and king crabs are lined up.
There are eateries serving dishes such as seafood bowls. The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.

15.Iwamoto Rinzo Shoten
A business of 50 years. Stocking many dried goods. 6:00a.m.~3:00p.m.
Full of ingredients chosen by the eyes of professionals. 6:00a.m.~4:00p.m.
18.Kita No Ryoba Branch No.2
A shop where you can enjoy a meal and shopping at the same time.
17.Yanshu Ryori Kita No Ryoba
The hand-rolled sushi is provided at bargain prices.

E: Okada Block

The block of the Soen JR Station side that is in the north side of the main street of the curb market.
We keep many crabs alive including big king crabs, snow crabs, and Hanasaki crabs, as well as freshly boiled crabs lined up on display.
Seasonal farm products, Hokkaido seasonal fruit and liquor, famous confections of high-quality are all on display. There are eateries serving dishes such as three-color bowls and sushi.

20.Okada Shoten
The shop has approximately 700 kinds of confections including famous high-quality Hokkaido confections.
23.Kita No Ryoba Branch No.1
They offer a free shuttle bus from the hotel you are staying at (reservation required).
25.Liquor Fujimoto
They sell high quality fruits and vegetables, and Hokkaido-limited liquor.
They handle many goods from fresh fishery products to excellent products of the great northern lands of Hokkaido.
27.Sato Suisan Shijo Branch
They have abundance of Sato Fisheries original products in addition to the live crab and live shellfish in the large water tanks.
19.Mercard Kitchen Maru
The name borrows mar, meaning the sea in Spanish. It is a restaurant fully loaded with Hokkaido seafood. 9:00a.m.~1:00p.m.
24.Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma
Wakakoma is a new famous Sapporo street market business, which has become famous all over Japan as a market sushi restaurant. 9:00a.m.~9:00p.m.

F: Daiichi Kotake Block

The block of the Tozai subway Line's Nijuyonken Station side that is in the south side of the main street of the curb market. Various fresh crab, fish and shellfish are lined up, and the seasonal farm products of northern Hokkaido are on display.
In addition, there are eateries for dishes such as seafood bowls.The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.

28.Kaisen Ichiba Kita No Gourmet
This restaurant has a vehicle just for picking up customers (in Chuo-ward and Kita-ward) from their accommodation!
30.Sale of Hokkaido Specialties
A shop which puts the name on the crab which you bought! They sell freshly boiled crab. 7:00a.m.~4:00p.m.
A specialty wholesaler of discerning farm products and marine products to department stores, also selling retail.
29.Kita No Gourmet Tei
A restaurant where you can eat fresh fishery products at low prices.
31.Omoide Shokudo
Teppo jiru (a soup with crab legs that resemble barrels of guns "teppo"), a seafood dish that abundantly makes use of Hokkaido's fresh seafood.

G: Wholesale Center

There are crab specialty stores for king crab, blue king crab, golden king crab, hanasaki crab, and hair crab lined up. The crab experts are happy to hear the preferences of everybody.
In addition, how about trying roasted oysters and shellfish, a sashimi set meal of fresh fish, a seafood bowl, or grilled fish?

33.Nemuro Sugiyama Suisan
A store specializing in crab backed up by Sapporo Kanihan, Marudai Fisheries, and Sugiyama Fisheries.
34.Nikkai Branch No.3
Carefully selected vigorous guaranteed healthy bodied products are taken directly from the Kojohama large water tanks renowned for their size in Hokkaido. The crab professionals boil them right before your eyes.
35.Ume Do
Please try a topped rice bowl or grilled dish right here made mainly with the fresh ingredients of Nemuro.
36.Teishoku Meshiya
A hidden away eatery using only the best Hokkaido produced ingredients.
37.Kakigoya(Oyster Hut)

The fresh seafood that one could expect of a street market offered steamed whole using the best cooking methods devised by fishermen.

H: The Wholesale Market

There are specialty stores for crab and other marine products, and Hokkaido farm products such as melons and potatoes. The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.
There is sushi made by sushi chefs with a perfect volume of rice, and a specialty Chinese restaurant.

38.Nikkai Branch No.1
Live crabs are boiled on the spot for sale.
39.Fujimoto Seika
Selling high quality fruits and vegetables of Hokkaido including melons, and potatoes.
42.Kaniyude Meijin
Store specializing in the sale of crab and marine products, also with a lot of homemade processed goods! Selling retail.
A restaurant that satisfies with quality and quantity.
41.Sushi Parlor Kita No Shun
The beautifully fresh ingredients are all lined up. 8:00a.m.~3:00p.m.
50.Chinese Deli Shenron
A Chinese restaurant. The menu is full of various noodle and rice dishes in addition to shao-mai (steamed dumplings), gyoza (minced pork and vegetable dumplings) and more. 10:00a.m.~3:00p.m.、5:00p.m.~8:00p.m.

I: Kitamachi block A

The block of the Soen Station side that is in the south side of the main street of the curb market.
There are specialty stores for crab and other marine products, and Hokkaido's excellent farm products. Additionally, seasonal fruits and vegetables are sold. The experts listen to the preferences of everyone.
How about trying a low-priced set meal, an eatery specializing in sushi, or Japanese produced eel?

43.Ito Bussan
This crab specialty store boasts great freshness of their product, boiling crabs straight after ordering before purchase.
44.Hasegawa Seika
They have fresh fruit, edible wild plants, and culinary plants.
45.Unagiya Yu
Offering carefully grilled Japanese produced eel using high-grade charcoal. 9:30a.m.~3:00p.m.
46.Kikusui Shokudo
A shop with a family feeling where you can eat at a low price with peace of mind. 7:30a.m.~2:30p.m.
51.Sushi Parlor Kikusui
Besides sushi, you can also try rice bowls with raw toppings, grilled dishes, food cooked in a pot, and more. 10:00a.m.~10:00p.m.

I: Kitamachi block B

A 8-minute walk from Nijuyonken Subway Station, a 11-minute walk from Soen JR Station. The block of the Soen Station side that is in the south side of the main street of the curb market.
Crab, and other marine products, and excellent Hokkaido farm products are stocked from the market.
The set meals of crab stew are unrivaled articles. Cuisine using other fruits of the sea are served, too.

47.Matsumoto Bussan
They handle many goods such as fresh fishery products and excellent products of the great northern lands of Hokkaido.
52.Marusan Tei Bettei
Offering fresh seafood from each corner of Hokkaido, and a crab soup that will please anyone.


It is located on the far side of the free parking lot on the Soen JR Station side of the main street of the curb market.
The ramen noodle soup from the market has a reputation for being delicious.
Why not try some daily life activities like buying stamps, sending a letter, visiting a public bath or getting a hair cut?

53.Ramen Higuma
In Original Ramen Alley you can savor the great flavor of Higuma's ramen. 9:30a.m.~3:00p.m.
54.Aji No Niko
They have many exceptional seafood bowls made with carefully selected ingredients.
55.Ramen Araton
A rich flavored ramen noodle soup made with pork bones and fish bones. 11:30a.m.~3:00p.m.、5:00p.m.~8:00p.m.
56.Soko Curry
Feeding the working people with various curries which make full use of spice.
57.Post Office
58.Chuo Ribiyo Shitsu (Barbar)
59.Sakae Yu (Bathhouse)
A public bath place at the street market. How about taking a bath? 2:00p.m.~11:00p.m.

Hop on a turret truck (small truck used in the markets), and take a great photo as a memento.

4. Let's Eat! Let's Enjoy Fresh Ingredients!

Market Meals(Intensely Recommended) That You'll Want to Eat Everyday

「Ingredients of Hokkaido, the Kingdom of Cuisine」

<10 to 15 minutes from Sapporo by car>

  • Boiled/grilled crab
  • Sashimi set meal
  • Seafood bowl, sea urchin bowl, salmon roe bowl
  • Hand-rolled sushi (not conveyor belt sushi)
  • Grilled shellfish (scallops, surf clams, oysters etc.)
  • Fresh vegetable salads, hot-pot
  • Seasonal fruit
  • soft ice cream
  • Hokkaido beer, wine, and sake

The Seasonal Ingredients That Are Fresh and of Good Quality

The Meals Aren't at Bargain Prices But, with Their Cost-Performance We Can Only Apologize If We Sell Out.

Seafood bowl
Seafood bowl
Sea urchin bowl
Sea urchin bowl
Salmon roe bow
Salmon roe bow
Boiled hair crab
Boiled hair crab
Grilled scallops
Grilled scallops
Sashimi set meal
Sashimi set meal
Eel bowl
Eel bowl
Grilled surf clams
Grilled surf clams
Boiled king crab leg
Boiled king crab leg
Buttered potato
Buttered potato
Grilled fish
Grilled fish
Hokkaido produced liquor
Hokkaido produced liquor
Hokkaido beer
Hokkaido beer
Soft ice cream
Soft ice cream

5. Approximately ten minutes by car from Sapporo Station Search the phone number 011-621-7044 on your car navigation system.

Address :
2-3, Kita 11-jo Nishi 21-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
(A 6-minute walk from Nijuyonken Subway Station, a 13-minute walk from Soen JR Station.)
Business hours:

6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eateries open from 7 a.m.
※ Business hours differ among businesses.
Free-Wifi Free Wi-Fi available.

Credit cards and Mobile payments that can be used

China Union Pay, VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DINERS

China Union Pay VISA JCB MASTER AMEX Diners

ALIPAY, WeChat Payment

支付宝(ALIPAY) 微信支付(WeChat Payment)

※ Some store don't accept payment by card. Please ask a salesclerk when shopping.