We understand about your disappointment about cancelling your trip due to the new corona virus. We are also very disappointed that we cannot welcome you to Hokkaido.But, let's keep in mind that this situation will be over one day and let's hope together that that day will come soon!
Our friends in Hokkaido would like to give you their cheering messages.
Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the corona virus situation of places you are planning to visit. Also, if you can, please send us your messages or photos to our friends in Hokkaido who have been longing to welcome you back.

Main tourist spots

  • 2020/03/17(Tue)  Teshikaga

    Swans Warming Up/Teshikaga

    I'm sure you can come to Hokkaido next winter, when the swans come!
    "Lake Kussharo" in Teshikaga, Eastern Hokkaido. Swans fly in from October through April every year.
    Because the hot spring gushes out, it does not freeze. You can watch the swans resting their wings up close!

    Messages from:Teshikaga-cho sightseeing business and industry section
  • 2020/03/16(Mon)  Tsubetsu

    Nonno no Mori (Citizens' Forest Nature Park)/Tsubetsu

    The snow has been soft and fluffy.We look forward to your next reservation.
    Snow shoe tour.
    Welcome to a world of snow!The snow-covered walking track of Nonno no Mori is full of new things to discover.

    Messages from:Nonno no Mori
  • 2020/03/13(Fri)  Sapporo

    Playing in the Snow, It's so Fun!/Sapporo

    Snow falls when winter comes, next winter, too.Let's build a snowman together!
    Coming into March, it's getting warmer. This is the best time to build a snowman with Hokkaido's snow.
    When it's too cold, the snow is fluffy, so it doesn't clump together.

    Messages from:UU-Hokkaido
  • 2020/03/11(Wed)  Hokuto

    Road of Prayers/Hokuto

    We pray for the new coronavirus to end as soon as possible.
    By all means please come and enjoy the scenery, cuisine, and sightseeing of Hokuto.We are looking forward to being able to see you all!
    Every year in December, we light up the silent area around the Tobetsu Trappist Monastery to create a magical and attractive atmosphere. We hope many visitors to Hokuto City will enjoy the moment.

    Messages from:Hokuto Tourism Department
  • 2020/03/09(Mon)  Sapporo

    The Former Hokkaido Government Office Red Brick Building on a Sunny Morning/Sapporo

    This place is usually full of tourists in many colorful jackets in this season.This morning Taiwanese and Thai tourists came. COVIT-19 will settle down soon!
    Due to the former government office red brick building being under maintenance, you are not able to look inside until March 2023.
    However, you can see it in its entirety until summer, due to the Tokyo Olympics marathon event (August) marathon course taking place in Sapporo. After that it will be covered and no longer visible for some time. By all means, please come to take a picture of the beautiful former government office red brick building.

    Messages from:UU-Hokkaido
  • 2020/03/06(Fri)  Otaru

    Otaru Aquarium/Otaru

    We pray that things return to normal as soon as possible.
    When the travel ban is lifted, please come to be healed by the sights of the fish and marine mammals. Let's meet at Otaru Aquarium!

    The Very Popular Penguin Walk
    In summer they change shifts with Humboldt penguins.

    Messages from:Otaru Aquarium
  • 2020/03/05(Thu)  Esashi

    Nabe Matsuri (hot-pot festival)/Esashi. We look forward to seeing you next year, too!

    Steaming hot-pots that you can eat in cold Hokkaido. Also held in February next year. Please come to Esashi!
    The "Nabe Matsuri" (hot-pot festival) held every year in Esashi.
    It is an event where you can fully experience original hot-pot cuisine, including local hot-pot cuisine.

    Messages from:Esashi, Hokkaido Sightseeing Future Organization
  • 2020/03/04(Wed)  Kushiro

    We are with you, China!/Kushiro

    All of us in Hokkaido offer our support. We look forward to seeing you again.
    There were many people who had to cancel the trips they were looking forward to this winter.
    Snow as it always is, and Hokkaido as it always is. We wait for you to come again with open arms.

    Messages from:Akan Chauffeur Tours / Matsuoka
  • 2020/03/03(Tue)  Kushiro

    Lake Akan Aisu Festival/Kushiro

    We wish for this prayer and this Ainu "sacred fire" to reach the people of the world and all those who unfortunately could not come this winter.

    The Popular Lake Akan Area
    "Lake Akan Aisu (Love) Festival on Ice, Akan Beautiful in Winter" is held until March 2nd, and welcomes you to its unchanging scenery next year.

    Messages from:Akan Sightseeing Association
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  • 2020/03/02(Mon)  Sapporo

    Sapporo Snow Festival/Sapporo

    The new corona virus should come to its peak soon and after that it should go away. We cannot wait to see you in spring!
    Sapporo Snow Festival
    Hokkaido's popular winter event where you can enjoy dynamic snow statues and Hokkaido gourmet food.

    Messages from:UU-Hokkaido
  • 2020/02/28(Fri)  Abashiri

    Ryuhyo(Drift ice)/Abashiri

    It may not be possible to welcome you this winter sadly, but we believe this problem should be resolved by spring. We wish to be able to show you beautiful Hokkaido in spring and summer. Those seasons are also great in Hokkaido.
    Ryuhyo(Drift ice)
    The first drift ice in Abashiri City officially arrived on the 9th of February. We recommend Ryuhyo Kaido Masuura, drift ice observation point, as the best photo taking spot.

    Messages from:Abashiri City
  • 2020/02/27(Thu)  Hakodate

    Uni Murakami/Hakodate

    We understand how big an impact this new corona virus is causing to society and we also got many reservation cancellations. But, let's keep our sprits up. We do know that one day the virus will be gone. We are with you, China!

    Uni Murakami Hakodate ekimae restaurant has started offering a sake tasting service. We will be preparing varieties of sake for your visit!

    Messages from:Uni Murakami Hakodate ekimae restaurant
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  • 2020/02/26(Wed)  Rusutsu

    Rusutsu Resort/Rusutsu

    China, cheer up! We will be waiting for your visit with Hokkaido's best snow.
    The quality of Hokkaido's powder snow is amazing. If you enjoy skiing, come and enjoy it in Rusutsu Resort.

    Messages from:Rusutsu Resort
  • 2020/02/25(Tue)  Otaru

    Otaru Snow Light Path Festival/Otaru

    Wuhan and China, our prayers are with you.
    Candle Message from Otaru Snow Light Path Festival
    We have put our prayers on these lights. We will be wishing your safety. All the best, China.

    Messages from:Otaru Tourism Association
  • 2020/02/21(Fri)  Asahikawa

    Baby Hippopotamus/Asahikawa

    We have been waiting for your visit to Hokkaido from China. Our prayers go to China. 
    A baby hippopotamus and baby Amur tiger were born in Asahiyama Zoo recently. They will be introduced to our visitors by spring this year. We look forward to meeting you in Asahikawa Zoo and showing you how big we have grown up.

    Messages from:Asahiyama Zoo
    Related websites:http://map.uu-hokkaido.jp/e/asahiyama-zoo/
  • 2020/02/20(Thu)  Otaru

    Otaru Kihinkan/Otaru

    We wish for this new corona virus problem to be over as soon as possible. And, we cannot wait to welcome you back to Japan again.
    Hina dolls
    Until the 3rd of March, we display the total of 7 sets of Hina dolls, which are special dolls traditionally displayed to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. Some are made in the early Showa era which started from 1926 and some are modern style dolls made recently. You can enjoy a Japanese traditional event here. We also have another flower event starting from the end of May. We look forward to your visit.

    Messages from:Otaru Kihinkan
    Related websites:http://map.uu-hokkaido.jp/e/kihinkan/
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