Our non-additive sea urchins by Murakami Shoten are supported by chefs with strong preferences from Toyosu wholesale market in Tokyo, sushi restaurants, kaiseki restaurants, Japanese-western restaurants and izakaya so on.
What's new
January 16, 2019We will exhibit at a business meeting held in Singapore.
December, 2018We started selling 'Murakami Shoten's sea urchins' at the Thonglor Nihon Ichiba (Japan Fresh Wholesale Market) in Thailand.
Murakami Shoten
Processing and sales of sea urchins
Head Office Factory
1-8-10, Nanaehama, Hokuto-shi Hokkaido
1. processing of non-additive sea urchins and shipment
2. shell cracking and packing upon orders
3. production of processed sea urchins

1. Our sea urchins

Our sea urchins are non-additive produce without using alum as preservative.

*We produce raw sea urchins with alum upon request. *We ship sea urchins processed with alum to Toyosu wholesale market.

Our non-additive sea urchins are chosen by Michelin starred restaurants and chefs with strong preferences.

Our non-additive sea urchins by Murakami Shoten are supported by chefs with strong preferences from Toyosu wholesale market in Tokyo, sushi restaurants, kaiseki restaurants, Japanese-western restaurants and izakaya so on.

The reason why is that we invented the technique to ship non-additive sea urchins without using alum that’s often used to prevent shape collapse.
Our non-additive technique made possible to keep the original intrinsic mouth feel of sea urchins and sweetness even for distant customers.

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2. Non-additive sea urchins

Our raw sea urchins ( northern sea urchin and short-spined sea urchin)


Sea urchins are nutritious, sweet and they melt in your mouth. There are over 800 kinds of sea urchins in the world.
Out of 180 kinds in Japan, 7 kinds are targeted to catch.
Since there are kelps in the coast of Hokkaido, fishing for nutritious natural sea urchins is thriving. In order to protect sea urchin as precious marine resource, fishing seasons and time are controlled.

① Laminaria ochotensis (called Rishiri-Konbu)habitat area
②③ Laminaria religiosa(called Hosome-Konbu)habitat area
④ Laminaria japonica(called Ma-konbu),Kjellmaniella crassifolia(called Gagome-konbu)habitat area
⑤ Laminaria diabolica (called Rausu-Konbu)habitat area

Sea urchins shipped by our company are northern sea urchin and short-spined sea urchin, both are luxury foods. Production area varies depending on the harvest timing.

Non-additive sea urchins

left : short-spined sea urchin, right : northern sea urchin

Sea urchins with alum

Sea urchin is an animal covered with hard shell. There are ovaries and testes inside the shell, which is the edible part = body part.

However, sea urchins are sensitive enough to start melting once you break the shell. Therefore, it is very hard to ship, preservative called alum is often used to prevent from melting. Alum prevents shape collapse, but loses the original melting texture and leaves the particular astringent taste on the tongue.

(We recommend non-additive sea urchins but also process with alum upon request.)


The technique to ship non-additive sea urchins without using alum

We kept challenging ourselves to processing manually without using additive such as alum, and finally succeeded in packing and shipping non-additive sea urchins.

The body of sea urchin is protected by hard shell. Therefore, you can’t tell the quality inside without cracking the shell. We line one by one in the wooden box for you to see the quality which also saves you time from cracking the shell.

Shipping raw sea

We limit shipping raw sea urchins (wooden box 250g) overseas by maximum 5 boxes (with cold shipping package)

3. From processing to shipping

Crack the shell

① Crack the shell

The size and the hardness of sea urchin is different one by one, so we crack the shell by hand without damaging the body. We crack the shell upon the order without making a stock, pack it quickly.

Peel off

② Peel off

Use a special spoon to carefully remove the body (edible part) from the shell without damaging. It is a very important process where the product's performance is determined here.


③ Selection

After peeling off, we quickly select the size, color etc. They are graded into S grade, A grade and B grade. S grade sea urchin can be taken only a little, it is very rare and precious.


④ Folding

The body of sea urchin is visually checked one by one whether spit or cotton remains, and is packed according to the number of grams.
*This product is not sold at retail.


⑤ Inspection

We verify no foreign substance is mixed in or prescribed number of grams and expiration date on the package are correct.

Shipping and export

⑥ Shipping and export

Regarding overseas shipping, we accept the order of sea urchin processed with alum depending on the schedule to be used.
Also, raw sea urchin can’t be kept in the freezer, we offer original produce such as raw sea urchin that’s freezer compatible and smoked sea urchin.

4. Product Line-up

Raw Uni (sea urchin) in a wooden box Raw Uni (sea urchin) in a wooden box

A common way to distribute uni in the market.
This gives a high-end feel to the product.
It comes in various amounts: 80g, 150g, 200g, or 250g

Raw Uni packed in a ten-compartment tray Raw Uni packed in a ten-compartment tray

Uni of the same amount is placed in each compartment of the packaging tray, which prevents uni from crumbling during transportation.
It comes in the amount of 150g or 200g.

Salt water sea urchin Salt water sea urchin

It tastes fresh as if it just caught out of the sea.
More suitable for transportation.
It comes in various amounts: 80g, 90g, or 100g

Aburi Uni (Roasted Uni) Aburi Uni (Roasted Uni)

Fresh raw uni is carefully selected and slowly roasted over low heat.
80g in a wooden box

Uni-shio (Uni Salt) Uni-shio (Uni Salt)

Please use it as a dipping seasoning for whitefish, squid sashimi, tempura, etc.
15g (Different packages available and the amount to be changed in accordance with the request of customers)

5. Company-operated restaurant

Uni Murakami Hakodate honten

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Hakodate Uni Murakami Nihonseimei-sapporo Bldg.

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6. Company Profile

Company nameMurakami Shoten Co.,Ltd.
1-8-10, Nanaehama, Hokuto-shi Hokkaido
PresidentMasashi Murakami
EstablishedSeptember 1979
Capital30 million yen
Business Contents Sales and processing of raw sea urchins and sea salt urchins
Online sales to individual customer
Restaurant business
Product exhibition business
Main Customer Daito Gyorui Co.,Ltd.
Kei Teion Foods Co.,Ltd.
Gottsuobin Co.,Ltd.
Takashimaya Company, Limited
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.
Sogo&Seibu Co.,Ltd.
Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Major SuppliersHokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations

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