October - DecemberI have ordered event start date is earlier. There are events across the month. Please see the schedule well
  【Noboribetsu】All year
 Demon's Fire Trail
The road to Hell Valley illuminated by fantasy camel

  【Lake Akan】April 21 - November 30
 Fire festival of Iyomante
Ainu ethnic worship. Expression of gratitude for nature.

  【Lake Toya】September 22
 Tsukiura Wine Festival
Toyako gourmet event. Vegetables, Wagyu, Yuepu wine ect.

  【Akkeshi】October 5 - October 14
 Akkeshi Oyster Festival
The representative of one of the trademarks of Hokkaido, it is the gastronomic events which you can enjoy Akkeshi oysters

  【Obihiro】October 5 - October 6
 "Banba"Festival in Tokachi
"Banba" the harness horse which only meet unexpectedly in Hokkaido. Must See!

  【Saroma】October 6
 Saroma-cho Harvest Festival
Saroma-cho gastronomic events!

  【Ikeda】October 6
 Autumn Wine Festival
You can enjoy the Ikeda beef and wine which is the high popularity food in Tokahi.

  【Lake Akan】October 8 - October 10
 Marimo Festival
Ainu traditional ceremony. Return the Prochlorococcus to lake.

  【Chitose】October 13
 Autumn Foliage Festival in Lake Shikotsu
Selling vegetables in season, autumn juice tasting.

  【Nanae】October 13
 Hokkaido Onuma Great Run and Walk
One of the famous sports event in southern Hokkaido. A wide age group who enjoy running and/or walking gather to Onuma Lake.

  【Tokachi】October 13
 Iwanai Senkai Maple Festival
Be supremely satisfied by the season of food and the richness of nature among the beautiful red autumn leaves. There is a lot to enjoy, including a ballad show, bargain farm produce sale, an animal petting corner and more.

  【Chitose】October 13
 Autumn Foliage Festival in Lake Shikotsu
Selling vegetables in season, autumn juice tasting.

  【Kitami】October 18 - October 27
 Kitami Chrysanthemum Festival
A traditional event spanning 60 years. Over 15,000 flowerpots of chrysanthemums are lined up at the venue.

  【Tomakomai】October 20
 Hokki Festival in Tomakomai
Tomakomai's food function. Selling and cuicine the clams.

  【Tokachigawa onsen】October 26 - November 24
 Autumn Festival in Tokachigawa
Tokachi autumn festival. You can enjoy food, starlit sky observation, hot air balloon experience ect.

  【Obihiro】October 31- November 4
 Obihiro Chrysanthemum Festival
The main highlights are the chrysanthemum flower exhibition which is comprised of approximately 1,000 large blooming flower bowls on display, and a symbolic monument set up in the center of the venue. In addition, there is the product corner where special products of Oita-shi and Tokushima-shi are on display and are extremely popular every year.

  【Lake Toya】November 1 - March 1,2020
 Toyako Onsen illumination tunnel
We introduce you a 70m tunnel with a diameter of 9m, situated in a crowded plaza, right in the center of Toyako hot spring. It is lit by 400,000 light bulbs.

  【Otaru】November 1 - February 16,2020
 Otaru Snow Story
The event to enjoy the winter of Otaru.

  【Lake Akan】November 11 - December 7
 Thousand Torches
We dedicate the fire to Apehuci Kamuy, the fire God of Ainu, offering the appreciation for our rich nature and its protection.

 Odori Park:November 22 - December 25
 Sapporo Ekimae Dori:November 22 - February 11,2020
 Minami 1-jyo Dori:November 22 - March 14,2020
 Sapporo Kita 3 Article Square [Akapura] Venues:
 November 22 - March 14,2020
 Sapporo Station south exit station square hall:
 November 22 - March 14,2020

 Sapporo White Illumination
Embellished the light show on Sapporo center with the fantasy lighting.

  【Sapporo】November 22 - December 25
 German Christmas Market in Sapporo
Reproduction German sister city of Christmas. Wine, beer, sausages and other food and groceries festival.

  【Hakodate】November 30 - December 25
 Hakodate Christmas Fantasy
Big christmas tree on the sea. Illuminations, fireworks and other celebration.

  【Hakodate】December 1 - February 29,2020
 Hakodate Illumination
Slope Street, Hakodate Motomachi. Illuminations adorn this slope.

  【Sunagawa】December 14
 Hokkaido Gishi Festival
Imitate the activities of northern loyalists . There's a procession of Forty-seven Gishi.

  【Chitose】December 27 - March 5,2020
 North Snowland in Chitose
Enjoy snow project activities such as snow rafting, banana boat, walking skiing, tobogganing and so on.