1. Yuragi no sato

Asarigawa Onsen, the hot springs that will take your health a level up. A hot spring village about 20 minutes by car from Otaru or about 40 minutes from Sapporo. Asarigawa Onsen hot spring village is called Yuragi no sato, or fluctuation village. The feeling of your heart relaxing, the feeling of taking a stroll, the sensation of sunlight filtering through trees, the bubbling on the water's surface, may cause your body and mind to fluctuate. This is 1 fluctuation.

2. Skiing areas

Asarigawa Onsen is very convenient for ten skiing areas.


3. Facility Introduction

Asarigawa Onsen, between Sapporo and Otaru. There are an interesting variety of facilities and places to stay.

A Winkel Village
Winkel Village
Rental vacation cabins, compound facilities with condominiums with a hot spring outdoor bath, and campground. You can also do barbecue on the open terrace.
B Pension Shadow Classe
Pension Shadow Classe
Cozy hotel in woods. Wake up in the voice of little birds?

C Otaru Asari Classe Hotel
Otaru Asari Classe Hotel
The only resort hotel in the Asarigawa Onsen village. Giving aging care in the form of comfort and relaxation.
D Hotel Musashitei
Otaru Asarigawa Onsen Hotel Musashitei
It is a Japanese style inn with superb hospitality with cooking made from carefully selected local ingredients.

G Otaru Kourakuen
Otaru Kourakuen
A quiet Japanese style hotel have the vast garden. Can enjoy hot springs inside the room with private open-air bath.
H Otaru natural hot spring resort Yu-no-hana Asariden (day trip specialty)
Yu-no-hana Asariden
With the appearance of the herring palace on the outside... Once you pass through the entrance hall, you enter a world of peace.
I Otaru Ryotei Kuramure
Otaru Ryotei Kuramure
We provides essence for great quality holiday. Feel the slow and relax time.
J Kanpo no yado Otaru
Kanpo no yado Otaru
A hot spring hotel on the inner parlor of Otaru.

K Sasson Golf Club
Sasson Golf Club
A superb view and golf course boasting bright green

L Lodge Garmish
Lodge Garmish
A hotel reflecting the image of a European Alpine private home providing meals and lodging.

M Asarigawa Onsen Winter Resort
Asarigawa Onsen Winter Resort
Boasting 9 courses full of variety that can be enjoyed by beginners to seniors.

4. Activity

Auto camp Auto camp
BBQ (charcoal fire) BBQ (charcoal fire)
Beauty treatment salon Beauty treatment salon
Meetings, training Meetings, training

Training Training
Day trip bath Day trip bath
Cycling Cycling
Hiking (Lake Orutanai) Hiking (Lake Orutanai)

Forest-bathing Forest-bathing
Beach-bathing (Asari shore) Beach-bathing (Asari shore)
Ski Ski
Golf Golf


5. Access

Access to Asarigawa Onsen

Coming by car

From New Chitose Airport / Sapopro

  • Chitose IC - Sapporo-Kita IC(about 29 min.), Sapporo-Kita IC - Asari IC(about 21 min.)
  • It takes about 2 min. From Asari IC to Asarigawa Onsen through prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street).

From Otaru

  • Drive route 5 and then prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street) to Asarigawa Onsen, it takes about 20 min.

Coming by JR train or bus

From New Chitose Airport / Sapporo to JR Otaru Chikko sta. / JR Otaru sta.

  • JR New Chitose Airport sta. - JR Sapporo sta. (about 37 min.), JR Sapporo sta. - JR Otaru Chikko sta.[Local] (about 32 min.)
  • JR New Chitose Airport sta. - JR Sapporo sta. (about 37 min.), JR Sapporo sta. - JR Otaru sta.[Rapid] (about 32 min.)

By bus from JR Otaru Chikko sta. / JR Otaru sta.

  • Take the Chuo Bus "for Asarigawa Onsen " at JR Otaru Chikko sta. and get off at "Onsengai" (about 15 min./340 yen)
  • Take the bus "for Asarigawa Onsen" from platform NO.2 of Chou Bus terminal in front of JR Otaru sta. and get off at "Onsengai" (about 30 min./340 yen)

Asarigawa Onsen accommodation: Hotels, Japanese-style inns, bed and breakfasts, lodges, and more.

No.13 Chuou bus departing from Otaru Station or Otaruchikkou Station headed to Asarigawa Onsen

Weekday Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
Otaru sta.Otaru Chikko sta. Otaru sta.Otaru Chikko sta.
45 6:00a.m.50