Outlying tourist attractions : Futami Suspension Bridge, Tsukimi Bridge, Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort, Jozankei Shrine, Hoheikyo Onsen

Access : Sapporo station-Jozankei Onsen/Makomanai station-Jozankei Onsen/Kappa Liner/New Chitose Airport- Jozankei Onsen/Jozankei Onsen-Rusutsu Resort

Recommended hotels
Best known onsen in Hokkaido, Jozankei onsen.
Jozankei Hotel

Opened in 1866 the oldest onsen in Sapporo

〒061-2303 340, Jozankei Onsen Nishi 4-chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-598-2111 FAX +81-11-598-2110
IN 3:00p.m.-0:00a.m.  OUT 10:00a.m.
Room types 190 rooms in total < 9 Western-style rooms, 162 Japanese-style rooms, 19 Japanese-Western style rooms >

Payment is cash only (Credit card payment is not allowed)
Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!
Jozankei Onsen is the best known area when it comes to onsens around Sapporo.
It is visited and enjoyed by many local Sapporo citizens year-round.
The onsen water source in our hotel is the original spring that was used in the area.
It never runs out and has provided 100% natural hot water to the hotel since its opening.
Please come and relax in Hokkaido’s natural onsens.
Jozankei Hotel

Reasons We Recommend

Three accommodation plans and meal types

*The displayed price is a basic fee and prices vary depending on the season, the day of the week, and the number of people, so the price may change depending on your selected date.

Tower wing Japanese style room
(Plan A) Tower wing Japanese style room(10 tatami mats): with breakfast and dinner
Japanese style room (10 tatami mats) / Toilet / Unit bathroom (hot spring available)
Seasonal rate Rates per Person
With breakfast and dinner start from 7,780 yen
Tower wing Western style twin bedrooms
(Plan B) Tower wing Western style twin bedrooms: with breakfast and dinnerr
Western style room(about 30㎡)/ bed ×2 Toilet / Unit bathroom (hot spring available)
Seasonal rate Rates per Person
With breakfast and dinner start from 8,280 yen
Special Japanese-western style room
(Plan C) Special Japanese-western style room : with breakfast and dinner
Japanese-Western style room(45㎡)/bed×2 / table and chair Toilet / Unit bathroom (hot spring available)
Seasonal rate Rates per Person
With breakfast and dinner start from 12,780 yen

Photo gallery (interior)
Onsen / 100% natural hot spring (Sodium chloride spring)
Breakfast and dinner buffet-restaurant (60 popular dishes)

Type of rooms
Equipment in the guest room
Equipment for the common area
Room and hotel security
Jozankei Onsen

Neighboring sightseeing
Jozankei Shrine
Jozankei Shrine
Futami Suspension Bridge
Futami Suspension Bridge
Hoheikyo Onsen
Hoheikyo Onsen
Donan Trolley Train
Donan Trolley Train
Jozankei Kyodo Museum
Large statue of a king Kappa
Large statue of a king Kappa
Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort
Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort
Koganeyu Onsen
Koganeyu Onsen
Sapporo Pirka Kotan
Sapporo Pirka Kotan
Taro-no-yu Footbath for Friendship
Taro-no-yu Footbath for Friendship
Kappa family wishing hand bath
Kappa family wishing hand bath

There are great walking hot spots recommended by locals on the maps!

Detailed information is displayed when you input the number listed on the map in this site.We distribute maps for free at hotels and tourist information centers in Hokkaido.



Free shuttle bus

There is a free shuttle bus available from the centre of Sapporo every day.
run by reservation only so if you would like to use the free shuttle bus please make sure to call to book in advance.
Departs from the city of Sapporo → to the hotel Boarding location :
Sapporo station north gate group bus stop. Leaves at 14:30
Sapporo TV tower north side / in front of NHK Sapporo. Leaves at 15:00
ETA at the hotel is around 16:00
Departs from the hotel → to the city of Sapporo Boarding location : Entrance of the hotel
Time of departure : 10:00
Drop-off point:
East side of the TV Tower (West 1 chome, Odori-Koen, Sapporo)
JR Sapporo Station north gate

*If no-one is getting off the bus it may not stop.

*There are only a limited amount of seats available so please make sure to book your seat.
*A staff member will check your name when you get on board.
*The bus will leave on-time so please be careful not to be late.
*You may not be able to use this service if you do not make a reservation or if you are late for departure.
*The bus may be outsourced (In that case, please check the front of the bus).

By bus
Regular bus A1→A3→Jozankei Hotel Jotetsu Bus
Take either “To Jozankei Onsen” or “To Houheikyo Onsen” from the 12th platform in the bus terminal at Sapporo Station. ((7)or(8) line) Sapporo→Get off at Jozankei yu no machi→Jozankei Hotel (about 70 minutes)
Direct bus A1→A3→Jozankei Hotel Jozankei Onsen Kappa Liner (Jotetsu Bus)
Take the bus from the 12th platform at the bus terminal in Sapporo Station. Sapporo Station → Jozankei Onsen (Direct bus to Hoheikyo Onsen) *Booking is essential (About 60 minutes)
Intercity Express Bus A2→A3→Jozankei Hotel New Chitose Airport ⇔ Jozankei Onsen Yuttari Liner (Hokuto Kotsu)
International airport terminal platform 21 or International airport terminal platform 66. New Chitose Airport → Jozankei Onsen (About 100 minutes)

Timetable/ 时刻表 / 時刻表
A1 - A3-1 Sapporo←→Jozankei Onsen
Kappa liner
 Jotetsu Bus
A2 - A3-2 New Chitose Airport←→Jozankei Onsen
Yuttari liner
 Hokuto Kotsu
A1 - A3-3 Sapporo Sta.←→Jozankei Onsen
Rapid 7・8
 Jotetsu Bus
A1 - A3-4 Makomanai Sta.←→Jozankei Onsen
12 lines
 Jotetsu Bus
A1 - A2 Sapporo←→New Chitose Airport Chuo-Bus
A1 - E1
Sapporo←→Otaru Chuo-Bus
A3 - E6 - G4 Jozankei Onsen←→Rusutsu←→Lake Toya Donan Bus 
* A separate fee is required.

By Car
From New Chitose Airport
From Chuo Expressway Sapporo South IC via National Highway route 12 towards Nakayama Pass on National highway route 230. (About 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport).
From Asahikawa
From Chuo Expressway Sapporo IC via National Highway Route 228, Route 274, Route 275, Route 12 and Route 230 towards Nakayama Pass (About 2 hours and 30 minutes from Asahikawa). Carpark Outdoor
Fee: free of charge
By Taxi
Sapporo station→Jozankei Hotel
National Highway Route 230 towards Nakayama Pass
Duration: about 45 minutes
Price: about 7,000 yen
New Chitose Airport→Jozankei Hotel
Duration: about 90 minutes
Price: about 12,000 yen
Details may vary depending on the taxi company so please consider as a guide only

Basic information
Hotel name Jozankei Hotel <Official Website>
Address 340, Jozankei Onsen Nishi 4-chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
TEL / FAX TEL:+81-11-598-2111 FAX:+81-11-598-2110
Check-in / out IN 3:00p.m.-0:00a.m.  OUT 10:00a.m.
Rates Start from 8,558 yen (including tax) *Rates per Person
Credit cards and Mobile payments that can be used Unavailable
Meal 〇 with breakfast and dinner 〇 with dinner  〇 with breakfast  〇 no meals
Room types 190 rooms in total< 9 Western-style rooms, 162 Japanese-style rooms, 19 Japanese-Western style rooms > Non-smoking Booth (Tower wing 4F,5F)
Hotel Facilities
Bath Main public bath / Medium public bath 5:00p.m.-1:00a.m.
〇 Hot spring  〇 Outdoor hot spring  〇 Sauna  〇 Jacuzzi bath
Day-trip onsen 11:00a.m.-10:00p.m. Adult 880 yen Child 500 yen 〇 Rental(Bath towel 200 yen, Face towel 100 yen)※Shuttle bus not available
〇 A day-trip onsen + lunch(1,100 yen・Child 750yen)
〇 A day-trip onsen + dinner buffet(3,300 yen・Child 1,500 yen)
Spring quality Sodium chloride spring (neutral hypotonic high-temperature hot spring)
Amenities 〇 Digital scales   〇 Hair dryer 〇 Shampoo 〇 Conditioner 〇 Body soap
For Kids / 〇Baby bed 〇Baby bath
Eating & Drinking Facilities 〇 Restaurant(7:00a.m.-9:00a.m./5:30p.m.-8:30p.m.)  〇 Baby bathing chair  〇 Tableware for a child
〇 Night club(8:00p.m.-11:00p.m.)  〇 Karaoke booth(0:00p.m.~11:00p.m.(booking is essential))
Lobby 〇Coffee machine (free) 〇 Microwave   〇 Ice machine  〇 Hot water  〇 Sightseeing pamphlet  〇 Time table  〇 Neighborhood map
Barrier-free 〇 Barrier-free rooms  〇 Wheelchairs  〇Designated toilet
Others 〇Elevator   〇 Shop(7:00a.m.~11:00a.m. / 3:00p.m.~9:00p.m.)  〇Convenient store in the hotel(7:00a.m.~11:00p.m.)  〇 Karaoke(0:00p.m.~11:00p.m.)
〇 Vending Machines  〇 Alcoholic Beverage Vending Machines   〇Massage chair (for a fee) 〇Massage 〇Ski Rack
Room facilities
Bedside 〇 Clock 〇 Notepad  〇 Pen
Power Source Electrical socket (100V)
Bathroom and Toilet 〇Washlet 〇 Separate bathroom and toilet
Amenities 〇 Toothbrush set  〇 Hair brush  〇 Sponge 〇 Cotton 〇 Hair band 〇 facial toner and moisturiser 〇 Slippers
Towels 〇 Bath towel  〇 Face towel
Bedclothes 〇 Yukata
Others 〇 Tea set(Free of charge) 〇 Room temperature controller 〇 Central heating 〇 TV 〇 Satellite broadcasting 〇 Safety box
Rental Items 〇 Humidifier  〇 Air purifier  〇 Iron  〇 Trouser press 〇 Deodorant spray  〇 Extension cord  〇 Mobile charger
All Hotel 〇 Free of Charge  〇 No password
Guest room 〇 Cylinder lock 〇 Sprinkler  〇 Emergency Lighting  〇 Flashlights
Hotel 〇 Fire extinguisher  〇 Emergency Lighting
Front Desk Services 〇 Baggage Storage (Before Check-in, After Check-out)   〇 Home Delivery Arrangement  〇 Taxi arrangements
Languages available at the front desk 〇 English  〇 Korean  〇 Vietnamese
Multilingual Information 〇 English

Cancellation Policy

When there is a cancellation, the cancellation rate is charged as follows. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • Cancellation without notice: 100%
  • On the day: 50%
  • 2-3 days before staying: 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

It is allowed in general we do not allow food to be brought into restaurants and banquet venues.
*Things which the hotel can not provide such as baby food will be allowed as an exception in the restaurant and banquet venues.

Our accomodation plan has two types available; with dinner and breakfast or only with breakfast. Sorry for the inconvenience but having only breakfast is not possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience but the hotel does not accept waitlists.

Cancellation without notice: 100%
On the day: 50%v 2-3 days before staying: 20%

Yes, it is possible. Please send to the address of the hotel. Please make sure to write your booking name and the date of your booking. We keep them at the reception so please receive them at the reception on the date of your arrival.

11:00-16:00 (Reception is available until an hour before closing)
*Please note that the opening hours may change without notice so please call to confirm on the day of your visit. *Day-trip onsen may close without notice so please call to make sure if it is open on the day.

I’m sorry but the shuttle but is not available for day-trip patrons.

There are convenience store ATMs at Lawson, Family Mart and the post office. They are all within 10 minutes' walking distance along the national highway.


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