Footpath Concept
Enjoyment of the Asarigawa Onsen Footpath Concept

On the path for walking (concept) from the coastline around the Asarigawa Onsen (hot brine spring) district to Lake Otarunai, there is an origin of fluctuations (1/f) that you can feel close to one's life cycle. The nourishment of the forest carried by Asarigawa headwaters passes through Lake Otarunai (artificial dam), and flows into the sea as a mountain stream, and gives nourishment to the plankton and small fish enrichening the sea. Continuing along this river, one may enjoy fishing at a spot they like or allow the sound of the mountain stream to fill their ears. Flowers also bloom. You can also enjoy entering an onsen. The Asarigawa Footpath Concept is not just walking by farmland, but envisions the possibility of a path that purifies the 5 senses.
This is not for the purpose of completing the walk, Let's walk Asarigawa Onsen to make a day, for example, where you can be disconnected from your devices, allow time to drift by, and have fresh oxygen delivered to every corner of your body through deep breathing! We make such a path. Let alone the rest and cuisine of the hot spring, there is a campground, BBQ areas, a skiing area, and a golf course here. Enjoy with family, friends or even by yourself, by walking this place, you can take in the nutrients of the nature of the rich Asari district.

Aerial photography of the Asarigawa Onsen area
Head to Lake Otarunai from the Coastline Passing Through Asarigawa Park to the Onsen Area
Footpath Riverbank walk of Asarigawa outdoors
Short route from the coastline to Lake Otarunai(about 80 minutes)

The river mouth of Asarigawa flows from the heart of the mountains on the flat coastline that faces Ishikari Bay in the Sea of Japan. The coastline where the mountain's nourishments flow into the sea is the starting point. You proceed on the ordinary road.
Asarigawa Park(about 10 minutes)/Proceed through the city park of 5.3ha that is also the fireworks display venue.
Asarigawa Onsen entrance(about 10 minutes)/Walk along the Asarigawa from the park. Aim for near Otaru Kourakuen located at the entrance to Asarigawa Onsen district.
To ordinary road(about 10 minutes)/Go ahead along the riverside and appear on an ordinary road near the building of Hikari Gokin Seisakujo.Asarigawa Onsen is also known by the alias of Yuragi no Sato (town of fluctuation), and this road is called Yuragi Road (Fluctuation Road).
To the left on the forked path ahead of Yu no Hana Asariden(about 5 minutes)
Going ahead on the road along Asarigawa(about 10 minutes)/Cross the intersection on Yugari Road, and proceed on the road along Asarigawa.Pass by several hotel fronts and cross theShinkurumi Bridge of the Asarigawa Onsen venue of the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival(about 10 minutes)
Keep going beyond the Asarigawa Onsen Ski Area entrance(about 25 minutes)

Asarigawa Riverbank Walk & Mountain Stream Fishing

See History, Wild Birds, & Scenery Trekking Quarry Mountain
Quarry Mountain
Quarry Mountain
Cliffs with Traces of Stonecutting
Stone was cut and brought down for the construction of Lake Otarunai.
Forest of Kamuy Cikappo
Forest of Kamuy Cikappo
About 70 kinds of wild bird

Great spotted woodpecker
Eurasian nuthatch
Japanese tit
Eurasian jay

Camping, Forest Bathing, Cycling
Onsen, Vegetation, Flowers, Skiing
Autumn leaves of Asarigawa
Lake Otarunai
Asarigawa Onsen
Asarigawa promenade
Camp site of Asarigawa Onsen
Camp site of Asarigawa Onsen
Ski resort of Asarigawa Onsen
Asarigawa Onsen
Cherry Blossoms of Asarigawa Onsen
Flower of Asarigawa Onsen
Flower of Asarigawa Onsen
Ski resort of Asarigawa Onsen
Ski resort of Asarigawa Onsen
Ski resort of Asarigawa Onsen

Access to Asarigawa Onsen

Access to Asarigawa Onsen
Coming by car

From New Chitose Airport / Sapopro

  • Chitose IC - Sapporo-Kita IC(about 29 min.), Sapporo-Kita IC - Asari IC(about 21 min.)
  • It takes about 2 min. From Asari IC to Asarigawa Onsen through prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street).

From Otaru

  • Drive route 5 and then prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street) to Asarigawa Onsen, it takes about 20 min.

Coming by JR train or bus

From New Chitose Airport / Sapporo to JR Otaru Chikko sta. / JR Otaru sta.

  • JR New Chitose Airport sta. - JR Sapporo sta. (about 37 min.), JR Sapporo sta. - JR Otaru Chikko sta.[Local] (about 32 min.)
  • JR New Chitose Airport sta. - JR Sapporo sta. (about 37 min.), JR Sapporo sta. - JR Otaru sta.[Rapid] (about 32 min.)

By bus from JR Otaru Chikko sta. / JR Otaru sta.

  • Take the Chuo Bus "for Asarigawa Onsen " at JR Otaru Chikko sta. and get off at "Onsengai" (about 15 min./340 yen)
  • Take the bus "for Asarigawa Onsen" from platform NO.2 of Chou Bus terminal in front of JR Otaru sta. and get off at "Onsengai" (about 30 min./340 yen)

Asarigawa Onsen village Official Site

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