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This is information from the UU-Hokkaido official Teshikaga Town Lake Mashu tourism association.
Senmo line Kushiro JR Station and Shiretoko-Shari Station are connected to Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, and Teshikaga town the town of Kawayu Hot Spring.

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Tourist Information

Teshikaga-cho sightseeing business and industry section
〒088-3292 3-1, Chuo 2-chome, Teshikaga-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

Lake Mashu Tourism Association
〒088-3211 5-1, Chuo 1-chome, Teshikaga-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

8 points of interest
in Teshikaga-cho
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■ Lake Mashu
World leading transparent lake, the color is called Mashu blue.
It a mysterious lake where the water level does not change despite no rivers flowing in or out.

■ Lake Kussharo
The biggest caldera lake in Japan. A shore is along it and is dotted with a hot springs and campgrounds, and an island 12 kilometers in circumference floats in the center.

■ Mt. Iou
You can climb it near to the sulfuric opening that makes a rumbling sound.

■ Sand bath
A hot spring begins to spring up when you dig the lakeside sand here approximately 10 centimeters deep. You can enjoy it as a family.

■ Bihorotoge Pass
The middle island appears to lay in Lake Kussharo from this appropriately called superb view of the land.

■ Wakoto Peninsula
The peninsula pushing out into Lake Kussharo. There is a 2.5 kilometer promenade that you can enjoy a nature walk for approximately one hour.

■ Diamond Dust
The atmospheric water freezes, and a shining diamond dust phenomenon is seen.

■ Kawayu Hot Spring
Hokkaido well-known hot spring water, the quality of the springs of Kawayu Onsen is a strongly acidic sulfur spring and they are some of the best hot springs in Japan.

Teshikaga Tourist Information Portal Site

Teshikaga-cho Introduction

 Teshikaga-cho is the town that owns approximately 56% of Akan National Park and the town that introduces to Asia the popular sightseeing spots of Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo.
To go to Teshikaga-cho it takes about 80 minutes by rail from Kushiro City, and about 100 minutes to the popular Kawayu Onsen Station. Near the 3 airports of East Hokkaido (Kushiro Airport, Nakashibetsu Airport, Memanbetsu Airport that fly between Tokyo Haneda Airport), it is an area of scenic beauty, please come and visit Teshikaga the town of fantastic Hokkaido hot springs.

Climate in Teshikaga

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Average temperature
-7.5 -7.4 -3.4 2.7 8.1 12.1 15.8 17.9 14.5 8.6 1.8 -4.3 4.9
55.8 39.8 66.2 85.2 93.4 73.4 109.9 146.6 155.4 105.3 76 61.5 1068.4

Events and activities of Teshikaga

Early to late February Diamond Dust in KAWAYU Early to late February : Diamond Dust in KAWAYU
There are ice candles arranged in the forest of Kawayu. The vapor rising from the hot springs crystalizes in the cold air forming diamond dust creating an even more mysterious world.
Mid February Mashu winter festival Mid February : Mashu winter festival
The event where you can fully experience Mashu in the cold of winter with fireworks display, snow statue contest, tug of war on ice, Japanese BBQ in the cold, and ice candles.
Mid May to the end of October sea-of-clouds tour Mid May to the end of October : Sea-of-clouds tour
It's an early morning tour over looking the spreading sea of clouds from the Mashu observation platform. Your breath will be taken away by the beauty of the world below being swallowed up by the layer of white.
Mid July to mid August hot spring town Kawayu headspring festival Mid July to mid August : Hot spring town Kawayu headspring festival
The old‐fashioned summer festival is held. You can enjoy ring toss, target practice, cheap snack vendors, traditional Ainu (Indigenous Hokkaido people) dance performance and more.
Late August shin soba festival Late August : Shin soba festival
Teshikaga Town soba buckwheat is a high quality buckwheat named Mashu wheat.You can enjoy a variety of soba cuisine.
All year Mashu Lake star journey All year: Mashu Lake star journey
This is a night tour going to gaze at the panoramic night view at the Mashu observation platform.
Enveloped in a world of silence, that night, the Milky Way will be within your reach...
All year Canoe All year : Canoe
These days canoeing is familiar as a popular activity in Hokkaido.
Take in the stunning beauty of Lake Kussharo and Kussharo river that are known as sacred places by canoe enthusiasts.

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Recommendations of Teshikaga

900 Grassland
(town managed pasture)

Kawayu Eco-Museum

Mashu Onsen
roadside station

Kussharo Village Ainu Museum

Taiho sumo memorial hall


Mt. Ponpon

4 mountain passes

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Teshikaga Transportation

Teshikaga Transportation

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■ Kushiro sta.~Toro sta.~Mashu sta.~*Kawayu-Onsen sta.
  ~ Shari sta.~Abashiri sta.

(Adults 3670 yen, Children 1830 yen)


*The bus bound for Kawayu Onsen (Taiho sumo memorial hall) from Kawayu-Onsen Station, will depart according to its arrival.

■ Stops
  Departing Kushiro~Higashi-Kushiro~Toya~Kushiroshitugen~Hosooka~Toro~Kayanuma
  ~Midori~Sattsuru~Kiyosatocho~Minami-Shari~Shiretoko-Shari~Yamubetsu~Hama Koshimizu

■ Akan Bus, Regular bus, Mashu line, Service Period: 2/29-4/22

Service Period2/29-4/222/29-3/253/26-4/22
Mashu station10:30a.m.1:15p.m.2:15p.m.
Mashu youth10:40a.m.1:25p.m.2:25p.m.
Lake Mashu
1st Observatory

Service Period2/29-4/222/29-3/253/26-4/22
Lake Mashu
1st Observatory
Mashu youth11:30a.m.2:20p.m.3:15p.m.
Mashu station11:50a.m.2:40p.m.3:35p.m.

Recommendation, Teshikaga Eco Passport, Service Period: 7/18-10/12

Kussharo Bus
Departing Kawayu-Onsen sta.8:40a.m.10:50a.m.2:00p.m.4:25p.m.
Arriving in Lake Mashu 3rd9:00a.m.11:10a.m.2:20p.m.4:45p.m.
Arriving in Lake Mashu 1st9:05a.m.11:15a.m.2:25p.m.4:50p.m.
Departing Lake Mashu 1st9:40a.m.11:55a.m.3:05p.m.5:30p.m.
Departing Lake Mashu 3rd9:45a.m.0:00p.m.3:10p.m.5:35p.m.
Arriving in Kawayu Onsen10:05a.m.0:20p.m.3:30p.m.5:55p.m.
Departing Kawayu Onsen10:10a.m.1:20p.m.3:35p.m.6:00p.m.
Arriving in Mt. Iou10:15a.m.1:25p.m.3:40p.m.6:05p.m.
Departing Mt. Iou10:35a.m.1:45p.m.4:00p.m.6:25p.m.
Departing Taiho sumo memorial hall10:40a.m.1:50p.m.4:05p.m.6:30p.m.
Departing Nibushi10:43a.m.1:53p.m.4:08p.m.
Arriving in Sunayu10:50a.m.2:00p.m.4:15p.m.
Departing Sunayu11:05a.m.2:15p.m.4:30p.m.
Departing Kotan11:12a.m.2:22p.m.4:37p.m.
Departing Wakoto Peninsula11:20a.m.2:30p.m.4:45p.m.
Departing Kussharo Prince Hotel11:25a.m.2:35p.m.4:50p.m.
Arriving in Bihorotoge Pass11:45a.m.2:55p.m.
Departing Bihorotoge Pass0:30p.m.3:25p.m.
Departing Kussharo Prince Hotel0:45p.m.3:40p.m.4:50p.m.
Departing Wakoto Peninsula0:50p.m.3:45p.m.4:55p.m.
Departing Kotan0:58p.m.3:53p.m.5:03p.m.
Departing Sunayu1:05p.m.4:00p.m.5:10p.m.
Departing Nibushi1:09p.m.4:04p.m.5:14p.m.
Departing Taiho sumo memorial hall1:15p.m.4:10p.m.5:20p.m.
Departing Mt. Iou1:20p.m.4:15p.m.5:25p.m.
Arriving in Kawayu-Onsen sta.1:25p.m.4:20p.m.5:30p.m.

*④ is until September 9th

Mashuko Bus
Departing Mashu sta.8:40a.m.10:30a.m.2:05p.m.3:55p.m.
Departing Michinoeki8:45a.m.10:35a.m.2:10p.m.4:00p.m.
Departing Mashu youth8:49a.m.10:39a.m.2:14p.m.4:04p.m.
Departing Lake Mashu 1st9:00a.m.10:50a.m.2:25p.m.4:15p.m.
Arriving in Lake Mashu 3rd9:05a.m.10:55a.m.2:30p.m.4:20p.m.
Departing Lake Mashu 3rd9:20a.m.11:10a.m.2:45p.m.4:35p.m.
Arriving in Lake Mashu 1st9:25a.m.11:15a.m.2:50p.m.4:40p.m.
Departing Lake Mashu 1st9:40a.m.11:30a.m.3:05p.m.4:55p.m.
Departing Mashu youth9:45a.m.11:35a.m.3:10p.m.5:00p.m.
Departing Michinoeki9:50a.m.11:40a.m.3:15p.m.5:05p.m.
Arriving in Mashu sta.10:00a.m.11:50a.m.3:25p.m.5:15p.m.

*limited time service
*Because the bus is unable to change direction between Lake Mashu 1st observatory and 3rd observatory, transportation will transfer to jumbo taxi.
During rush hour, jumbo taxis may be in full use, and may be unavailable. Please be understanding.

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